Fenton Steel

The international trading company specializing in metallurgic products sale at the markets of the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


The international vertical-integrated company, being one of ten major producers of seamless pipes in the world. The third largest manufacturer of solid wheels in the world.


The international vertical-integrated group of MMCs, including mining and metallurgic enterprises, located in Ukraine, EU and the USA, as well as the sales network covering all main world markets.

Savalan ASPI Winery

A major winery possessing its own plant, where the latest Italian technologies are applied to create unmatched wines.


The high-technology enterprise, specializing in development and delivery of helicopter training facilities.

T.B. Fruit

The front-runner at the Ukrainian market and the leading manufacturer of juice concentrates in Europe.

Milk Visit/Molochnyi Vizyt

One of the youngest and most successful dairy enterprises in Ukraine.


One of the most rapidly advancing law firms in Ukraine.


The law firm, which is established and managed in accordance with the best western standards.

Strategia & Sviluppo Consultants

One of the leading consulting companies in Italy, a long standing EBRD partner.

Osnovy Publishing

One of the first private publishing houses in Ukraine, creating original Ukrainian books since 1992.

Multiservice Consulting

The Geneva consulting company, which has been cooperating with FP on banking services matters for many years.