Metallurgic and Mining Industry

Specific nature of metallurgic and mining industries companies is represented by the immense scale of production and the complex technological cycle. Thus, these companies’ development strategies must be smart, and their market activities must comply with international rules and norms.

The market has been volatile for several years, but the situation changed in 2017, when the price of raw materials began to rise, and companies got confidence. At the same time, competition increased and it became even harder to take the lead. We detect three main steps to success of the company: creation of effective individual business model, search for new end markets and yield increase.

FP has proven experience of bringing key Ukrainian companies of metallurgic and mining industries to foreign markets. We recognize demands of the sphere and implement strategies, that let companies take leading positions not only at the Ukrainian, but at the international market as well.


For many years through its Fenton Group trading company FP was one of the main retailers of Metinvest and Interpipe international companies metallurgic products in the markets of Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa.