Interaction with
Governmental Authorities

The goal of Government Relations is to establish interrelations between business structures and the state, to make their relations transparent and to define favourable terms within the framework of legislation for business development.

FP helps business entities competently formulate their needs and build transparent and effective relations with state agents at the national and regional levels. One of the core activities in this area is building interaction between our clients and state bodies, applying the РРР (public-private partnership) format, presupposing cooperation of the state and business for the purpose of completing socially significant tasks on mutually beneficial conditions.



In 2012 in favor of the Ukrainian OOO “NPO “AVIA” (“Avia” TM) company FP closed a deal on selling MI-171 helicopter flight trainers to the “Azərbaycan Hava Yolları” Azerbaijani state concern. In such a manner Formative Partners helped the Republic of Azerbaijan qualitatively train pilots of the “SOCAR” state-owned oil company.

Formative Partners is a reliable partner of companies that, having conquered their main market, are planning geographical expansion of their business. For example, in 2014 FP accompanied the Azerbaijan’s market entry of one of the largest Ukrainian player on the car market – UkrAvto. Well-coordinated work of the Kyiv and Baku FP offices, deliberate strategy for entering a new market, organizational and legal consulting and government relations helped UkrAvto become the main distributor of Mercedes-Benz cars in Azerbaijan.