The Agricultural Sector and Foodstuff Manufacturing

According to the UN, the population of the Earth will grow from 7.3 billion to 9.7 billion people over the next 30 years. In the meantime, food consumption on the planet will increase by 60–100 % against now. For this reason today the agricultural sector requires transformation and implementation of the most innovative strategies in production and distribution of its products. The agricultural sector of Ukraine utilizes only a third of its production potential, and we know what needs to be changed in the companies development strategy for this potential to be used by 100%.

With that in mind FP cooperates with small, medium and large sector players and provides a full range of services, among which one may see the following:
– business processes coordination
– strategic diagnostics (due diligence)
– implementation of innovative solutions and technologies into production
– search for fair contracting parties
– international expansion

Farming enterprises, processing companies, dairy and other types of products makers have already entrusted us with the support of their business and managed to enter the international market, create a more effective business strategy and enhance the manufacturing quality.


ТМ «Galicia»

In 2016 a strategy was developed to bring products of T.B.Fruit, the leading European manufacturer of juice concentrates, to the market of the USA.
The FP work resulted in the contract concluded with the American Berry Fields distributor, while the T.B.Fruit products hit the shelves of Los Angeles grocery stores under the “Galicia” trademark.